Copes of the Christ Piece, the breakdown concerning the culpability of the current politically «conservative» calamity

Copes of the Christ Piece, the breakdown concerning the culpability of the current politically «conservative» calamity
Members of the Catholic community and supporters of DACA recipients, hold rosary beads as they pray prior to being arrested during a protest demonstration in support of the DREAM Act, as a part of a Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers, in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC

There’s a passably and particularly popular trope on what is the receiving end of rationalizing and reverting «right» side of consolidated politics of today which holds that «Politics is downstream from culture». Yet, faced with the mere ideological inconveniences and ill informed whims of chaotic «left wing» politics, both the Christian ecclesiastical dogma and the «cuckservative» political corpus, conspicuously tries to rally by doubling and dumbing down on what is both their true conceptual, degenerate essence—mixing, enduring «evil» and «injustices» alike, effectively turning the other cheek. The many apparent dogmatic deficiencies of both bands are now in the process of being increasingly desperately fused together so that they may withstand the massive ideological recoil of their vast ignorance and completely failed idealism, still floated as their greatest political virtue.

What can be regarded as rather naturally occurrence and alignment, which is currently converging between western conservatives and an increasing number of disillusioned, play acting, ad hoc christians, is not politically promising, but indeed an unfortunate one. It has arguably further decoupled and deranged politics from rationality and reasoning, causing viable political solutions and even civilization as a whole to lose much needed future credit. Running roughshod on religious people might be a cheap move, but the main takeaway here is that religiously fanatical, often empty brained people, as a group, plus plebs in general, are all long past their due date in terms of relevancy and utility in future politics, and ought to be shunned much like the many marxist crazies on the «left» if one is to expect any improvement, whichever way, whatever the system.

This current failed alliances, on both sides of the fake political spectrum, where differently merged moralism inevitably melded into majority politics, has in most respects, indeed utterly failed, and brought and wrought about a state of more or less culturally consistent unreason with large lapses and voids of vast contradictions and many rather abhorrent symptoms, which shouldn’t be as vicariously accepted as progress, nor as a part of a productive «political process», for that matter.

Nonsense and copes does not have a place in politics, which now, by and large, serves as a test bed for ideological perversion and misdirection.

Christian «copes»

Another ill productive cope, often enthusiastically echoed by the christian cliques as part of their now more pretentious positional defence in a secularized, demised society, as well as something that is also a rationalized advocacy by emergent «conservative» opportunist, is the flagrantly ignorant logic which affirms that «Western standards grew out of christianity» and that this is the very «solution».

Firstly, this is a quite simple logical fallacy, and crucial to most such associations enabled by dewy-eyed historicism, and therefore it’s not at any rate an effective argument. However, one is not to be surprised that christians love to take credit for what the can conjure and get, simply by certain deformed facts of association. After all, personally and idiosyncratically, «associating» is what ultimately matters in the realm of the religious rationale towards their deity of «free willed» choice.

Second, if such is indeed granted as an argument, it would not serve much as a technical testimony in regards to the theoretical «truth» and in favour the robustness of christianity as an advantageous societal standard, especially considering the overall development in the historical aftermath, now, on it’s very moral foundation come to unconstrained fruition.

Third, «standards» are technically specifically exhaustive. Standards can be systematically discarded and made obsolete, true, but not technically misconstrued. However, the categorical inherence of «values» can, and in a number of different ways. No wonder no number of biblical scholars or creative flagellate phrasings of the bible could possibly actually create, nor command any consistent enough legacy to underpin any actual edifying legitimacy to any, supposedly already, «fallen» society, if indeed not any actual standards are possible to derive, or in time changed, by an appropriate authority adjured by sufficient reasoning for continued appeal.

This now unabridged, reactionary pseudo reality and rationalized, desperate rallying cries on the basis of concocted abstractions of inherent nonfuntionality, was perhaps perfectly captured by the christian founder of Gab, Andrew Torba and his puerile piece, but daringly titled: «Christians Must Learn To Hate Evil Again».

Following some shooting and the overall institutional decay aided and now outright abetted by the Episcopal churches of America, Torba delivers nothing but a somewhat enticing headline, with the rest being a mere classical, typically cyclical advocacy of «fear» and «sin», citing pretty much the entire line up of the unusable lines of usual suspects, while sounding off much of the same anxious collective affirmations regarding «good and evil», «us» and «them».

There is no way to allow and make «sin» pay to specific credence to the masters of any religion without admitting to at least some kind of conceptual contradiction, because «sin» is arguably synonymousness to «destruction», and there is your argument. The contradictions must be denied and rationalized being self-condemning. Hypocrisy is always an element of sin for that reason, and hipocracy is not well conceptually contained, neither outside nor inside most religious writings.

Man made religions are of course, all blubber, with next to nothing of actual substance, or for that matter, a fully formed argument which is able to reason with anyone else outside the diminishing cults of christianity in the west. Moreover, what the likes of Torba’s of the world espouse in their news letters, may be ignorant and unambiguously ambiguous blubber, but at least it’s something which the now «conservative» political movement decided to cling onto, in their apparent lack of something more practical and intellectually proficient. This is thus not only indicative of the inherent inability and dysfunctionality of christianity contrasted with reality, but also excellently emblematic of the current state of co-opted, and sometimes colloquially categorized «controlled conservative opposition», usually so in the periphery of the ideological mainstream, where traditionally true radicalism is honed.

Criticizing a self conquering cosmology

This now emerged ‘Christservatism’, where «Christ is King» has become part of the RightOID sloganeering, and where even certain ethnonationalist now LARP by swearing on the bible to grow their simple minded plebeian base, is sort of surging in popularity, much due to increased societal dysfunction primarily caused by and in the wake of another crazy religion, the even more widespread world ideology formulated as «democracy».

Actually, the more technical differences between the outright demagoguery in democracy and the more impervious and de facto nationally alienating, ecclesiastic patchwork of ad hoc christian rationalizations, are quite inconsequential if carefully assessed by an «open mind», so christians and democratic fanatics need not apply.

Both ideas are as systemically shoddy in terms basic probabilistic mechanisms, and certainly in general appeal. Both ideas are also, in the expanse, imperialist and dubiously abridged by ideological compatibilism compared to say natural congeniality and consequential consanguinity, that of traditional nationhood, functioning welfare states and so forth. Modern mass-democracy party pluralism also intrinsically relies on the dull ambiguity and predictably interplay commissioned by groups, much as sectarianism is demonstrably endemic to the more extraneous interpretational dialectics within christianity and most other religions.

Regardless and arguably so, religions, by the very definition, are empirically and naturally not the the most emergent and viable way to form cross consensus culture in terms of human interaction. It offers far from the most effective and stable state and systemic utility basis of anything other than conveniently controlling a certain set of consensus, very much based on the same contrivances as the modern mass-democracy insists upon as it’s «values».

Perhaps palpable at that is an example from Norway, where the official christian party (KrF), in the midst of what is still a convenient macro political climate that is over-conducive in terms of acquiescence, partially due to prevailing illusions of wealth, actually support increased immigration more than any other extremist political party in that regard, of which in Norway there are plenty, if not all of them. Meanwhile, the Islamic population of Norway is regularly the most rising demographic as a result of the political sanctioned immigration, where the christians are now reportedly somewhere around 50% of the total, self-identifying religious followers.

This goes to show, again, that christianity, in particular, per non-functional and totally ambiguous designations, plus democracy as an accessory, will insist to persist in the the aptness of simply prizing the path of least resistance in terms of political priorities as long as it is somewhat consistent with their religiously corresponding «ideas». That is, until these «ideas» are not so convincing any more, usually to their constituency, and accordingly where «the point of no return» usually is way beyond the breadth of being accurately ‘recognized’, and thus utterly rationalized as a result.

The causal artefacts in democracy, and more dominion based logical fallacies like christianity, are in fact seemingly eerily similarly ominously determined, which also could potentially shed some light on why exactly both these ideological belief systems seem to collectively collapse at the same time. Normally, you would expect seemingly separate systems to not fail concurrently, however, much of the dogmatisms of christianity and democracy are much alike in terms of many tedious mechanisms.

Reverence and severance

The principled separation of Church and state proposed a productive discouragement of moral qualms, influence and political competition between the gumption and compromises of the State, and the more upheld orthodoxy of the Church. The additional precepts thereof are all, arguably, simply more vague variants related to the former facet. The theoretical and judicial demarcation between religion, particularly Christianity in the west, and the state, are as well effectively endemically concerned with the inherent deficiencies of performed results in reality. Some are directly due to the actual mass needs of simplification of religion rather than the more so practical pragmatist view of a rationally run state of affairs.

But, when both mass-democracy and christianity; adjoined religions, are effectively run as one policy, the deficiencies of both entities are usually expected to be amplified. As complexity i.e. both different internal and external pressure eventually escalate, the ability to rationally adjust, or even simply revert, dramatically dwindle and yields perhaps nothing but spurious results, necessarily causing various vicious cycles. The root cause is that such system complexities as typically introduced, are in fact brought about on various claims; usually rationalizations made in sanctimonious terms for self-justification to simply retain authority over the people with not much conceptual thought to spare, but trying to thrive on and onward by trivial dogmatism.

Different people who live under common fear, and who’s constantly trying to seemingly please different proxies, of different non-existent, existent, and above all else, differently decontextualized emperors, together, are perhaps socially intact and useful in their immediate interests and locality. However, once en masse, these blocks of people quickly transform into a non-functional mess as distinctly evident by the multicultural, and actual Christian clamor. The same sentiment is echoed by even the most ‘decorated’ of «conservative» apologist, like Jordan Peterson, that if everybody just believes in a few simple values, like «free speech» and «agency» or the «individualism» plus rights prescribed by the «UN», then it’s all good, eh.

Although, much of the Christians are so dishonest, dumb and otherwise intellectually discouraged to even begin to acknowledge the quite simple fact that the very core concept of their own religious essentiality and intellectually derived infrastructure, is identical to the same moral substrate as the the current polarizing «social justice» movement and victimhood/identity politics, who’s emancipations are more or less categorically also the same as the deliverance of christian salvation, barely stopped short because it is denominated in present-day secularism, which they, the christians, theologically cannot sufficiently object to. Christians can’t possibly compete at all, mostly because of their own dogma and ideological nonsense, and so they instead regress and digress about stupid things, like for instance criminalizing abortion of hordes that are literally invading and consistently displacing them in their own countries.

The so called «Christservatives» and their «conservatism», is thus merely nothing but a «cope», and a hypocritical and suicidal one at that, unsurprisingly, and without much else consistently, also not surprisingly. Meanwhile, «the social justice currency», which is actually the act of prevailing through «injustices», also often incurred as a collective virtue by the christian themselves, are paradoxically totally congruent with Christianity apart from some arbitrary details of sympathetic subjectivity accredited to «vulnerable» persons of the state. This is usually the case because this demographic is often used as sheer tools and cases of convenience as a means to an end of mass-democracy to prevail itself.

Arbitrary absolution

The rallying cries of christians on their hard forked social media’s are ironically more in tune and succinct with the slow-mo conservative death knell of modern democracy major, where the meek majority has gone from fourth or fifth, to playing first fiddle, dooming society in their processes, inducing multiple, irreversible destructive cycles calling for more useless reformations and restrictions in order to reassert control on the back all the their failed and lackadaisical provisions—all professedly in pursuit of concepts of great and good government, even though they are far from any such a thing and understanding in the first place.

The at best abductive, and almost always dumbed down and extraneous double down mentality of the current ad hoc christian cliques, now accompanied by their «conservative» charlatans and run of the mill shills, are sure to save exactly nothing of earthly and traditional value, even themselves. albeit in faith only, but moreover, they will simply further invigorate and fuel the fire of the fledging «leftist» factions, that, much because of the christian real life approximant apathy and intellectual ineffectiveness, now actually and legitimately are able to oppose what they identify as their dogmatic oppressors.

It is hardly difficult to see that the christians as a collective can’t care for the «right things» politically, and are for the most party puppet reactionaries towards the influx of other religions, which by and large threaten their own credulity. Elsewhere, the christian are way off the actual discourse, a total minutiae concerning any other string of consequentialism besides their own delusions of «eternal life». The christian primary concern is going off to «heaven». Whether that somehow is extant or not by way of national ruination from hordes of christian Africans, battering by a nut job marxist, or a raging shooting by a confused trans activist, is really all the same as long as their dogma remains just relevant enough for them to have some peace of mind and a piece of the political pie.

The common appeal of the «Christservatives» to both moralism and unreasonable justification of actually authoritarian central powers, are indeed substantially shared by the same delinquents, lunatics and fanatics they purport to «withstand» by simply «enduring» and «pray for», so that both of these pseudo-polarities of failed Ratched effect politics, ought to be sufficiently seen as endemic excess, and thusly replaced by proper no-nonsense policies by systems that in more ways than not are fundamentally non-ideologically devised in order to oust and decapitate popular unreason.